The first original edition in 1967 by Dial Press


The genesis of "Logan's Run" begin in 1967, when the book of William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johson was released. The first edition of Dial Press was edited in 1967 with a price of 3.95$ : the book had 134p, and the cover is drawed by Mercer Mayer. The book had many many editions : 1968 by Gollancz, 1969 by Dell, 1976 by Bantam and after Corgi (the edition of Bantam was released at the same date of movie, it's with it that the sales explode). In 1986, a trilogy was edited with two others books by Maclay&Associates, in 1992 in trilogy again by Dell. Etc.
In France, "Logan's Run" book was translated in first time by "Denoël" in april 1969 with the french title "Quand ton Cristal Mourra". In 1972 the book was reprinted with the same title, and in 1981 by "J'ai Lu" with the french title "L'Âge de Cristal" after the release of movie at the french tv.
In USA, more "Logan's Run" book, 4 others books was edited :
- "Logan's World" (in 1977). It's was translated in French with the title "Retour à l'Âge de Cristal"
- "Logan's Seach" (in 1980). No translated in France.
- "Logan's Return" (in 2001). It's a Ebook of 2Go that you can read with Acrobat Reader® (today you can't found it).
- "Logan's Chronicles" (in 2003). This last book contains the 3 books (Logan's Run, Logan's World & Logan's Search) more a new novel.

The books must to be read, especially "Logan's Run" because you have all material used for the movie adaptation (and tv show) and very more. Logan is very different in the book (he's not a good guy !) but Francis is for me the main character of the book and he's not the simple character that we can saw in the movie or tv show. Francis is very very different too. I will not tell you the history of the book, our website is here for to do read the books. Because the books are very very great ! In the next page, I put the text in back of the french books. But one point is important in the book : The Sandman, is a reference at a folk tale for children in USA and a popular song too, I think.