In 1976, 9 years after the edition of the first book of William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson : "Logan's Run". The MGM studio decide to make an adaptation on the big screen. Several attempts had failed before. This will be a movie with a big budget : 9 000 000 $ ! Saul David, the producer, meet William F. Nolan for writing the script together. Immediatly, the two men think at a trilogy. For that, William F. Nolan writing the second book "Logan's World". But, something will be not right. In the book, it's all the planet that is under the control of the computers. The main computer is called "The thinker" and in the world all people is young. The age limit is 21 years, and those who try to escape dealing with the terrible Sandmen, and the homer !
Unfortunately, the movie can not accurately take all elements of the book : in first, the actor chosen, Michael York. Having 34 years at the time of the shooting of Logan's Run, we will therefore increase the duration of life to 30 years (as Michael York could not believe he was 21). Then, the weapon of Sandmen : in the book, it is a 6 shot pistol. In themovie, he has only one function: to kill in a huge blue flame. However, a lot of tags will be included in the novel as some places : Arcade, Cathedral, but also characters too : Holly13, Cubs, Francis, Jessica, Box. Like the lifeclock of all citizens.
However, changes are still made to successfully keep the production budget. So, instead of the whole world, the action takes place in a closed universe, called "The City of Domes." In fact, in the movie, they just call it "The City". It is in the TV serie it is called "The City of Domes."