When the movie released in 1976, and after the tv series in next year : they were treated to a fairly large coverage in press, and severals magazines.
So we find articles and a lot of information in various journals of this period, including big names like sci-fi magazines Starlog (now die !). Here are the titles where you will find information on Logan's Run :

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STARLOG #2 (November 1976) - 68p :

Inside : article on the movie, 2p. on the books and many more informations.

STARLOG #7 (August 1977) - 76p :

Inside : somes news on the tv series.

STARLOG #9 (October 1977) - 80p :

Inside : A complete file on the TV series. With color pictures and an interview of Ivan Goff and Ben Roberts producers of the TV series.

STARLOG #13 (May 1978) - 80p :

Inside : Episode guide of tv series and an article on the tv serie.

EPI-LOG #1 (summer 1990) :

Inside : In addition to the broadcast episodes guide, you have some pictures in Black&White.

CINESCAPE (2001) :

Inside : A very incisive interview of William F. Nolan on the TV series, and an interview with Donald Moffat (REM). Inside, there was also talk that the movie was made by Bryan Singer, and the budget allocated by Joel Silver: 100 million dollars. All with color pictures of the TV series and the movie.