The american people don't want to remember of one tv serie, and this is the tv show of "Logan's Run" (or just for the modified Flamegun) ! It's strange, because in France, we prefer the tv serie at the movie.
Let us immediately and we can now say the true : The tv serie was a monumental flop, and the entire serie will not even be aired during its first pass over the airwaves in the United States (10 of 13 episods will be visible only). All because of his lack of action, and its flawed story ? Not only ! You will see that the set of Logan's Run has given birth in pain, and made the cost of incompetent people in charge ! Instead of having something coherent, which could have with its development, becoming an interesting program, it is a sabotage and the fact of taking the easy way to simply sink the TV show.
But let all this from the beginning : after the monumental success of the movie by Saul David, "Logan's Run" in 1976, produced by MGM and starring the trio "Michael York" who played Logan, "Jenny Agutter" for Jessica and "Richard Jordan "in the character of Francis.
William F. Nolan and Saul David are working on the second part. William F. Nolan wrote therefore a first script for MGM (which will become the second book "Logan's World"), unfortunately, something unexpected will happen in 1977 : CBS acquire the broadcasting rights for a expensive amount of 9 000 000$ (the total budget of the movie) ! A nest egg for the time, and MGM rubs his hands : not only did the movie with revenues of 25 000 000$ profit at the box office, but also CBS reimburses the budget dedicated to this movie. What more for MGM ? But immediately CBS don't want to made a other movie, no, it's the format to a TV serie. However, it is still expected to William F. Nolan & Saul David who write and produce the pilot. The two men are beginning to work on to write that famous pilot of the TV serie. But again, nothing will be all right !