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The ghost of this last 10 years ! I hesitated to put the date in 2012 my title on the side (and I did well). Because normally the new movie of "Logan's Run" wasl released in 2012, this time it was safe.

Remember the facts :

Year 2000 :
It all began in 2000, when Mr. William F. Nolan announced that a new movie on "Logan's Run" would be in the starting blocks, and it would be Skip Woods ("Hitman," "X-Men Origins," "The A-Team" movie ...) that would be the scenario. This movie would not be a remake of the 1976, but rather a new adaptation, with a greater respect of the novel. This new film was released in 2002.

Year 2002 :
Unfortunately time passes, and in 2002 without really new, it is estimated that the movie will be released in 2003 or 2004.

Year 2004 :
Rumors were running as what Bryan Singer, director of "X-Men" would take over the project, and this year 2004 is confirmed : the director of new "Logan's Run" is Bryan Singer. And should be completed by the end of 2004 or leave in 2005.
Unfortunately, the same year, we learned that Bryan Singer will direct "Superman Returns" and "Logan's Run" is on stand-by.

Year 2005 :
Obviously the project is progressing well, the first original music for the new movie will be written, and Joel Silver will be the producer talks about "Logan's Run" as a great movie and it should be out in 2007. Just after that Bryan Singer will be finish "Superman Returns".

Year 2006 :
Apparently, Bryan Singer is too busy to take care as it should the new movie "Logan's Run", one speaks of a new director : James McTeigue (director of "V for Vendetta").

Year 2007 :
Mr. Nolan wrote a letter about the trials of the new movie adaptation of "Logan's Run". This year, it's official, it is not that Bryan Singer will direct, is now talking about Joseph Kosinski ("Tron Legacy"). Nevertheless, the scenario would remain written by Bryan Singer, Dan Harris and Christopher McQuarrie. Then, no more news.

Year 2010 :
Joel Silver speaks again of the movie "Logan's Run" after three years of silence. The project is now in the hands of Carl Erik Rinsch ("47 Ronin") and the movie would be produced in 3D. We learn the same year as Carl Rinsch will no longer be the director.

Year 2011 :
We finally announced the first actor to play the role of Logan 5 in the new film, it's Ryan Gosling ("Drive") and at now the director is Nicolas Winding Refn. The movie is due out in 2012. On IMDB it is marked "Pre-Production".

Year 2011 :
IMDB changed the release date for the movie now display a nice 2014 ! IMDB is also the name of Rose Byrne for the actress who plays Jessica.

Year 2012 :
Mr. Nolan in my interview on the website confirms that the movie is on track to be completed by 2015 and it will happen. It's always approached Ryan Gosling in the role of Logan. It would realize that Warner Bros.

That's where we are now, it's no longer "Logan's Run" this movie has become in 10 years "Running Gag" ! Wait and See, hoping that this time, it will be good ... In the meantime, I suggest you watch the movie "The Island" that will make you wait until the new movie from Logan.
Importantly, this new movie is not a remake of the 1976's movie, but a reboot of the license : So, normally, a more faithful adaptation of the novel. Let's hope so !
Whatever happens, it is on this page you will find news about the new movie on "Logan's Run".