Runner ! You're Terminate !
This sentence, screamed by the terribles Sandmen, would be ineffective without killing (and very beautiful !) weapon : The Flamegun.
This pistol, object of desire (especially in USA) is a functional prop. In 1976, the specials effects are very expensive, today all plastic gun with laser ray made by computer become a terrible weapon. For the Flamegun, it's must to find other thing.

Michael York with the original Flamegun

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In Genesis, The Working Blaster of Movie's 1976 :
The real pistol, functional, of movie's 1976 was made and builded under the direction of Fred Kramer. He's the designer of the gun. Only 16 working models was builded in 1975 at MGM Studios. The price is 24000$ at this time (1500$ each pistol).

Original Working Blaster, movie version's 1976
Picture of the website "RACprops"

Richard Jordan with the original Blaster

It's the same guns was used in the tv serie 2 years later. It's was to expensive for builded others guns. But the original Flamegun was too dangerous, and was modified for more security. The cost of modified Gun was estimated at 2300$ each. 6 guns was modified. The differences between the gun of movie and the gun of tv show are :
- TV Gun have a flate grip
- TV Gun have the switch in back of the gun
- TV Gun have a different Trigger of movie version
- TV Gun have three color dots on the barrel (because Gun of TV serie had three functions : Burn, Kill and Stun).

Gregory Harrison with the original modified Flamegun

Original Working Blaster, TV version
pictures used with the authorization of Paul Jones
(Great Thanks !)

Original Working Flamegun model, TV version.
See the three dots of color.

Original Working Flamegun model, TV version in convention.
pictures used with authorization of Chris (great thanks !)

Randy Powell with the original working blaster modified

Today, for to find a original Flamegun used in the movie and Tv show is almost impossible. Because all collectors had buyed this prop and because the price will be so expensive that it will be impossible to buy, I think. And for me a 3rd reason : these guns had 35 years old, it was dangerous to use it. Remember, the first version of the gun had a valve system not very reliable. Richard Jordan was burned his leg with a gun. Michael York say in a interview by a fan that the functional Flamegun isn't easy to use, and when he shooted with it. Michael York say that he tried to keep the gun as far as possible from him when he pressed the trigger.
Many blueprints (that I put on the website) have circulated on the web. I don't know if it's realistic or not.
For to have a good understand of the system of working Flamegun. I made you an explanation.
1) In the Acetylene Gas Tank, we put mixture of calcium carbide and the water. This part is in Brass (this metal have a yellow color) and it's very thick for to resist at the pressure and the heat of mixture. Inside, you have a snorkle tube (in brass too) welded in the piece of gas tank which allows gas to be released under pressure. Outside of Gas Tank, a little hole which at the gaz to arrive in next part that communicates with the valve in the barrel :

In this junction, called "Filter Tank", we have a Felt Filter (where the Gas Tank screwed on : it's depends on the model of replica) a other little hole is made. The felt filter prevent calcium carbide residues who can clogging the valve. This hole is a access at a complicated part with spring and who communicate directly with the valve who send the acetylene gas on the glow plug :

2) The valve is in a tube (in brass too). Around the tube, there is the wire that goes to the glow plug. And all of this are hiding by the main barrel tube in aluminium with the flash suppressor barrel (in aluminium too). This barrel is fixed on the gun frame by a screw where the wire of glow plug is for to made the electrical ground.
3) The gun frame in aluminium content the battery and a part of wire. The grips are in plastic or resin, the trigger in brass and fixed on the valve for to open it for release the Acetylene. You can see the diffferents part on this pictures (Not paint Replica of Palmetto Group EFX) :

So, my advice is : buy a functional replica that I show you in the next pages.
For finish with the original Working Flamegun, I put you somes pictures of the modified movie gun for the TV Show. He was sold in the state, it's worked very well :

the measures of this original working Flamegun are : 5.75" in height, 13" in width and 1.375" in thickness at its widest point. 2 lbs or 2 oz for weighs. The pistol frame, side panels and muzzle are in aluminium. Barrel body and muzzle in aluminium too. The trigger and Gas Tank in machined brass. The triangular holster plate and mounting stud are in steel. The grips are fashioned out of commercial automotive body filler. The prop is notified by a code under the grip : "MGM 8093" :

A great thanks to Philippe for the autorization to use his pictures of original prop and for his informations.